sábado, julho 31, 2010

So useless to learn the names of plants

So useless to learn the names of plants! From tongue to tongue they change, gaining new faces, uses and affections with each transformation. To be a plant where one is loved! A dame waited upon, lone on the hill but with a broad company: the view, to be part of the view. To be given a use from men, and a name. To be given affection by each tongue that calls you. And the more secret the name is, more vivid and bright the gifts you share.

sexta-feira, julho 23, 2010

Coisas III

"If you want to destroy something, surround it by a circle."
Elif Shafak

Sweet Becky At The Loom

Eu tinha um teatrinho quando criança e obrigava todos os meus parentes a assistirem pequenas peças. Eu comecei aí.