domingo, janeiro 23, 2011

Like Oceans Beyond Mountains

She approached him with tact, a question droping out of her tongue.
- Is there any mountain from which you can see the sea?
- Yes. From the western slopes, covered in forests, the sea is visible and big. But I almost never go there, the sight makes me feel something quite overwhelming; I can barely hold inside a mighty feeling I don't understand. I'm sorry, I'm not making any sense, am I?
- I understood you. What you say is very true. The sight of the sea from the mountains hurts me too, and I don't know why. And still I wish to see it, to feel this pain and try to understand it. Is it the fear that the sea is unattainable? Is it the mighty wave of distance, crashing upon you?
- Or perhaps it is the fear of being confortable in the mountains, and resigning to see the adventurous sea from a distance. The pain of living a life so far away from that sea.
- But mountains hold perils too.
- Then is it the quitting of an adventure in exchange for another?
- Is it the realisation of the darkness there is in the world? Of a giant thing that you have nothing to do with? The distance, the distance, between men and the world, between life and nature, between every two things! Ah, why does it all have to be so distant?
- But it is good that it is like this, isn't it?
She looked at him, as saying is it so?
- If it is all distant, you can run far away - he said.
- That is the sea from the mountains: the notion of another possible life you could live. How frightening: a life that you could have, so unconected with this one! The possibility of reincarnation without death!
- The wanting of it produces such fear, and overwhelming feeling...
- Like oceans beyond mountains.

sexta-feira, janeiro 21, 2011

Herman Melville

"The sun hides not the ocean, which is the dark side of this earth, and which is two thirds of this earth. So, therefore, that mortal man who hath more of joy than sorrow in him, that mortal man cannot be true - nor true, or undeveloped."

em: Moby Dick

quinta-feira, janeiro 20, 2011

quinta-feira, janeiro 06, 2011


"motherland, cradle me
Close my eyes, lullaby me to sleep
Keep me safe, lie with me
Stay beside me, don't go"

Onde fica a minha casa? Onde eu vou morar?