quarta-feira, setembro 30, 2009

The Meeting of the Chiefs

The chief men maintained the praise of rightful privilege, like a bright fire that has been well kindled.
On Tuesday they put on their dark covering.
On Wednesday their common purpose was bitter.
On Thursday envoys were pledged.
On Friday corpses were counted.
On Saturday their joint action was swift.
On Sunday their red blades were redistributed.
On Monday a stream of blood as high as the thigh was seen.
A Gododdin man tells that they would come back before Madawg`s tent after battle`s exaustion, but one man of a hundred used to return.

sexta-feira, setembro 25, 2009

A estrada de sangue

Found me some wounds
rUN to the forest

E quando eu achava que estava... bem, se nao feliz, quase. Quando achei que estava... feliz... veio o medo. O medo enorme dos animais que lutam contra a morte.
Aí eu venci o medo. Venci e lutei e mordi e com os dentes cobertos de saliva saboreei sua carne. Quando o venci veio a tristeza.
Será que nao termina>
Será que tenho sempre que inventar uma razao para nao estar satisfeito>

Eu sei o que eu quero. Mas é tao dificil, tao cansativo lutar todo dia. Eu queria simplesmente parar. A gente nao para, nao é mesmo> Nao pode parar, nao pode parar. Todo dia é a mesma coisa. Todo dia eu luto as mesmas lutas e estou cansado de lutar.

às vezes... sabe quando as vezes voce deseja... a glória> Entao é bom lutar, e as presas estao afiadas de novo.
Mas no fundo.. o que eu amo é a vida tranquila. Queria poder ter a vida tranquila no meio da tempestade. Eu nao tenho medo da tempestade. Nao tenho mais medo, posso lutar contra ela a qualquer momento. MAs... sabe quando voce nao acredita mais nela>
Deve ter algo errado quando voce se cansa de tudo isso.

quinta-feira, setembro 24, 2009

Torre, torre, torre

He who wills, towers.
He who towers, will.
He who towers, tower.
He who wills, will.

He who is eating, dies.
He who is dying will die.
He who apples...
In a Garden called Forest.

Já não temos fome, mamãe.
Mas já não temos também...
Vontade de não tê-la

terça-feira, setembro 08, 2009

In The Night She Said

- The gods are coming.
Found didn't know how to feel when his sister told him that. They where both beneath the heavy blanket of their bed, whispering across the lighted candlestick.
He felt assured at first. Maybe this meant their problems would be over. Maybe he would be safe now. There would be no more reason to be scared or anything to be guilty of. Then he felt a big fear. A huge feeling of fear that he never knew he was capable of. If the gods were coming, what would happen to the land? He pictured in his head a barren wasteland where the wind constantly blew. There was no way of telling what would happen to the world if they came back.
- Don't be silly. It's nothing like this, his sister said, reading his mind through his eyes, as she would always do when he began to daydream. The gods are the land. They are the crops growing and the fruits coming. The birds and the trees tell me of their coming, they all seem to sense it. And the rain too.
- The rain speaks of ancient contracts. Old agreements that are still flowing in the country, like an invisible current, like a secret vein of blood. The whole land is bound by spells done by the gods. They are strong as strong is the wild world. When they come back, they will show us this invisible currents and hold true to the ancient agreements done with the trees, and the rain, and the birds.
Found looked out of the window to the cold night. The dark forest was there, even if he could not see it or see the trees that flung about in the wind.
He sharpened his ears, trying to recognize powerful footsteps that crossed the woods. All he could hear was the dark dark wind, always blowing, always charging. The old house creaked with sounds, some of them very scary. He could also hear the people downstairs, and someone climbing up the long creaky stairs.
- Someone is coming. He said.
His sister blew out the candle.
- We should sleep, she said, turning in the bed.
- And you should not worry.
Found tried to go back to his hopeful thoughts he felt before. He laid in the dark for long hours, trying to find reasons to be cheerful and good. The wind never stopped to blow that night. The darkness covered everything in the world, so it seemed. The old house resisted foolishly, with its many sins. And something very wrong was going to happen.
Found tried to pray. His sister woke up and glanced at him with eyes full of mockery, but also compassion.
- Do not worry my brother. The gods are coming back.
He shuddered.
In the next morning, his sister went to the forest to gather some wood and she never came back.

sexta-feira, setembro 04, 2009