quinta-feira, agosto 06, 2009

Endings of things

You shout and you are on the middle of the storm. Everything falls apart and explodes and comes back and you can't breathe: that's the storm. It is the storm that destroys your boat and all the rest, the huge wave that takes it all away. You keep on screaming but you are drowning. This feeling, what is it? To lose to the storm, to cry and laugh at the same time, to crush your body and your soul. That is Defeat.
And what a glorious thing it is!

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Lobz Wolblood disse...

Estou lendo Sabriel.

Lobz Wolblood disse...

Esqueceu Saraneth, Dyrim e Belgaer. Dyrim e Belgaer eu entendo, porque são pouco usados, mas Saraneth! É um ótimo livro.