sexta-feira, novembro 27, 2009

The Seven Winds Song

The Wind Book begins with the Black Wind blowing
Unseen he takes all in the night
He bites and he dances and whispers
All secrets to sleepy mankind.

Red Wind is cursing wind, pay heed.
If you ever cross his way take command
Obey every order and don`t weep
For what he will take in his hand.

The Blue Wind is a wind of serenity
But sometimes out of a capricious whim
It raises hurricanes on the water!
Just to dawn very calm on the sea.

The Yellow Wind is apprentice to Folly.
He lives in the Lips & the Mouth.
He dresses so neatly and jolly
And knows not to whom he should bow.

The Green Wind is a mysterious one.
His task is to carry the seeds
Across temples now filled up with mist
And slash them when trees they become.

The Purple Wind lives in the moor.
Illegitimate son of the moon.
He dances with gypsies so poor
And brings them the mantle of doom.

The White Wind is... forgetfulness.
Streaking the wild plains of fame.
The names of the poets he erases
And forgetting he goes on again.

To weave them together one requires
The feet only gods do posses.
To soar the more higher they can,
To push over the limits of men.

The Wind Book begins with the Black Wind blowing
and ends quite abrupt with the pain
The the White Wind has brought in his singing
And forgetting they go on again.

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Maroc disse...

Very, very beautiful. You are still awesome, my friend.

Maroc disse...

"Quem sou eu

Charles Bosworth
Eu quero ser eu."

É o perfil mais bem feito com que já me deparei.